What Strain of Marijuana Are You?

By: Teresa M.
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About This Quiz

It might be difficult, but try not to giggle while you're taking this marijuana quiz! Weed, Mary Jane, Toke, Smoke, Greens - whatever it is you like to call your stash, are you in touch with the strain of pot you are? Whether you view yourself as more of a Purple Haze than a bag of homegrown will be important to learn more about you. 

Once you've filled us in on your smoking habits, your opinions, and your personality quirks, we feel confident that we will be able to pinpoint the exact strain of marijuana you would be - if, of course, you woke up tomorrow being ground up and stuffed into a bong.

While medical science has shown great promise for the use of medical marijuana and several U.S states have voted to decriminalize, a great portion of the country still views it as taboo. There are no fears about taboos here! We want to hear all your thoughts on the subject!

After you tell us exactly what you think about all aspects of pot use, we'll find your perfect strain. It might be something with more of a body buzz, or it could be something that sends your brain into outer space. No matter what it will be, we want to find out with you. Fire it up!

What time of day do you like to fire it up?

What is your favorite way to smoke?

Do you think pot should be legal everywhere?

Which of the following would you purchase to soothe your munchies?

How would your friends describe your personality?

Do you believe that marijuana helps certain medical conditions?

Which fast food restaurant would you choose for a late night snack?

Are you stoned right now?

Does pot make you paranoid?

How many plants should someone be allowed to grow?

If you worked in a dispensary, what would your job be?

If pot were legal, what do you think the legal age should be?

Which edible form sounds best to you?

Which strain of marijuana would you rate as the best?

Do you think it's right to drug test employees?

What do you like the least about pot?

Do you think pot is harmless?

Which name for pot do you think is funniest?

Have you ever been to a dispensary?

Do you smoke anything besides pot?

What flavor profile do you like marijuana to have?

Which movie would you most like to watch while baked?

Which band is a good soundtrack to a smoke circle?

Have you ever caught your parents getting lit?

Do you prefer getting drunk to getting stoned?

If you're munchies were bad enough, would you eat ketchup and cracker sandwiches?

Do you think you spend too much money on pot?

What is your favorite Girl Scout Cookie?

What drink do you like to wash down edibles with?

Do you ever drive after smoking?

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