What Spring Flower are You?

Teresa M.

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When the snow melts, it is time to plant your spring garden. You've always felt as fresh as a daisy, but are you a daisy? If you were another kind of flower, let's say a spring flower, which one would you be?

What is your favorite springtime color?

How would you rate your gardening skills?

Which flower bouquet would you most like to receive?

Do you have a lot of houseplants?

What is your favorite springtime activity?

Which word do you think best describes spring?

Which spring holiday do you like most?

Where might you go on Spring break?

What kind of flowers would you most like to grow in your yard?

Which budding tree looks prettiest in spring?

What is the best thing about getting through winter?

Is spring your favorite season?

What color vase would you use to display fresh flowers?

Where do you usually buy fresh cut flowers?

What is your favorite spring month?

For which occasion are you most likely to give flowers?

What color roses are most appropriate to give a friend?

What are you most likely to buy from a spring farmer's market?

Which spring vegetable do you like most?

Which spring birthstone do you prefer?

Do you have a goal for the spring?

What sign of spring do you notice first?

Which spring sport do you like most?

What flavor reminds you most of spring?

What is your favorite springtime candy?

What would you most like to receive in a spring themed basket?

What is your favorite springtime smell?

Which spring themed event might you attend?

Other than candy, what might you put in a plastic egg?

What is your favorite summer flower?

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