What spring break activity should you participate in?

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Spring has sprung! It's time to let your hair down and have a break. Are you out of ideas about how you should relax? Find out what spring break activity is right for you!

Which spring flower do you like most?

What do you like most about spring?

Is spring your favorite season?

What will you do the most on spring break?

How would your friends describe your spirit?

Which spring sport do you like most?

Which country would you like to visit on spring break?

Will you plant a garden this spring?

What U.S. city do you think would be the most fun to visit during spring break?

Which spring break film do you like most?

Which activity would you least like to do on spring break?

What is your favorite thing to do at the beach?

If you travel over spring break, who will accompany you?

If you traveled to Las Vegas for spring break, what show would you like to see?

Who will foot the bill for your spring break fun?

If you were to stay home over spring break, what would you do?

Do you require a lot of alone time?

Which holiday do you prefer?

How will you avoid getting sunburned over spring break?

Will you participate in any Easter activities?

What do you consider the first sign of spring?

Which "The Big Bang Theory" character would you like to spend spring break with?

Over spring break, which drink will you consume the most of?

If your spring break experience had a a headline, what would it be?

How will you get to your spring break destination?

What is the one item you won't leave home without over spring break?

Are you adventurous?

What have you done to earn a spring break?

Will you spend a lot of money over spring break?

What is your favorite thing about spring break?

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