What Spirit Animal Is Your Keeper?

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The concept of a spirit animal is a very old and sacred one to many Native American and First Nations peoples. A spirit animal is a guiding spirit, almost like a piece of nature itself, that has a connection to you on a spiritual level. It can help guide you through life, to navigate difficult paths and situations, and perhaps bring clarity in times of confusion about what path you should be taking. You and your spirit animal share certain traits and characteristics and perhaps it is something you already feel an affinity for without even realizing it.

Not everyone knows what their spirit animal is, so don't feel bad if you've never had a moment of inspiration when it seemed clear to you. Sometimes we just don't feel that connection or we feel so connected to every animal that it's hard to determine which is the one meant to guide us on our journey. There are many ways to learn which spirit animal is there to guide you if you feel so inclined to seek one out, and there is much you could learn about native cultures if the topic is something you feel a connection with. As a starting point, why not tell us a bit about yourself and see if we can figure out what spirit animal is serving as your keeper? Take the quiz and see!

If you have a very important decision to make, what are you going to rely on to help you decide?

If you get lost on the way somewhere, what are you most likely to do?

If you and some friends want to order a pizza, can you decide what you want right away or does it take forever?

So do you feel like destiny is a real thing or does life just unfold randomly?

Are you big on traveling or do you prefer to stay put?

Would you rather BBQ your own dinner or go out for fast food?

Do friends ever call you up for advice on things like relationships?

Some people definitely seem luckier than others. How's your luck?

If you're gearing up for a night of Netflix by yourself, what genre of movies are you probably going to be looking for?

Have you ever told someone that you love them and then they didn't say it back?

Would you walk to work or school every day if the weather was nice?

Given the choice, would you rather host a party at your house or attend at someone else's?

When the holidays roll around, is it a massive family affair or something smaller?

What's a bad habit you've been having a hard time shaking?

How often do you head out to the wilderness to go camping?

What do you feel is your strongest personality trait?

Have you ever tried to do something you were terrified of doing, just to see if you could?

Some people are their own worst enemy. Are you?

What makes you happiest in life right now?

Let's say you found a magic lamp but the genie is a little long in the tooth and only has the power to grant one wish. What are you wishing for?

When the stress gets to be too much, what do you like to do to relax?

Have you ever hit someone else in anger?

Where do you feel most at ease in the world?

Do you feel like you'd make a good teacher?

In very simple terms, you can be a leader or a follower. Do you feel like you're more one than the other?

How do you handle confusing instructions for assembling or operating something you just bought?

Do you live your life with a lot of regrets?

Are you more of a carnivore or a vegetarian?

Do you think animals understand things the same way humans do?

Are you able to share your feelings openly with others?

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