What SPF Sunscreen Should You Wear this Summer?

Brian Whitney

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When it is summertime, the living is easy, except for when you get a horrible sunburn. You might want to figure out what SPF you are before you get burned.

How fair is your complexion?

How much of a risk taker are you?

Have you ever had a really bad sunburn?

Do you avoid the sun because you are afraid of a sunburn?

What do you do to protect yourself from the sun at a baseball game?

What do you wear at the beach?

Are you tan or pale?

Do you enjoy a cold winter?

Your hotel has a pool, how do you use it?

Once you put on sunscreen once, do you reapply it?

When you go to the beach, how long do you stay?

When you eat at an outside restaurant, where do you sit?

Do you get freaked out by the thought of skin cancer?

Have you ever had a job working outside?

Do you like working outside around your house?

Does the heat bother you?

What is on your feet in the summer?

What would you do at the beach?

You win a trip to Bermuda, what would you do there?

Where do you sit on a boat?

When hiking through the woods all day, would you put on sunscreen?

You are waiting for someone on a nice day in the city, where would you sit?

Where would you like to run?

Do you like to go camping?

Which state would you like to live in?

Do you feel bad about staying inside on a nice day?

What don't you like about the beach?

Would you like to ride in a convertible with the top down?

Which season is your favorite?

You are on the skiing in the Spring, on a 50 degree day, would you put sunscreen on your face?

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