What Sound Describes You in Bed?

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They say a picture is worth 1,000 words, so you'll have to use your imagination for just a little bit to try to decide how many words can be represented by a single sound. After all, communication isn't solely verbal. As a species, many of us are pretty good at communicating just by giving a look, like when you arch an eyebrow to express your utter disbelief. You can also use your whole body to speak such as when you shrink away from someone trying to offer an unwanted hug. We can do pretty well in life without saying a single word. And then, of course, we can communicate with sounds that still aren't words but offer a wide range of meaning. A simple "pfft" sound represents derision while any number of yummy sounds can express satisfaction or desire. Or maybe even something more intimate.

We can let sounds stand in for all kinds of things. The "Jeopardy" theme is the universal thinking sound. A buzzer can mean "nope!" So, is it a stretch to think a sound could represent how you are in bed? Of course not! There's absolutely a sound out there that represents you in bed. And you can find out what it is if you take the quiz!

"In bed" doesn't have to literally mean "in bed." Where's your favorite non-bed place to get frisky?

Are you open to trying new things your partner might suggest?

Do you spend a lot of time making sure your partner is pleased?

Have you ever been unable to perform for a reason that wasn't physical, like an injury?

Would you ever do it on the dining room table?

If you're home for the holidays and the house is full of family, would you risk an encounter with your significant other under the same roof?

Are you the kind of person who'd bring handcuffs into the bedroom?

Which of these do you consider to be the sexiest food item?

Tell us your opinion on one-night stands.

If you only have 15 minutes before you need to be somewhere, would it be worth it to have a quickie?

Speaking of sounds, what kind of sounds are you producing in the bedroom?

Do you have any toys of an adult nature in your home?

Are you good at communicating your desires to your partner?

Do you have any fantasies that you have never shared with a partner?

Is sex the most important part of a relationship?

Have you ever tried more than one partner at the same time?

Do you and your partner have one of those lists of celebrity crushes you'd let each other have sex with if the situation ever presented itself?

What would automatically make you swipe right on someone?

And what's going to lead to an automatic swipe to the left?

Do you ever wear sexy outfits to try to turn your partner on?

Do you feel like you're a romantic at heart?

Can you have a physical relationship with someone you don't love?

What's the first thing you do after sex?

Have any of your partners ever complimented you on your technique?

Have you ever been inspired to film yourself during some sexy times?

Do you feel any anxiety before having sex with someone for the first time?

If you met someone who was gorgeous, funny, intelligent, caring, and interesting but they were terrible in bed, would you stay with them?

Under ideal circumstances how often would you be having sex?

Do you feel like you're too preoccupied with sex during your day-to-day life?

Would you ever go to a swinger's club and have sex in front of a crowd of people?

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