What Sort of Person Are You Most Likely Going to Date?

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Dating is an experiment unique to the modern age. There was a time when the whole modern concept of dating wasn't part of human cultures. In some places, all relationships were arranged to one extent or another, and there were limits on who one could marry, driven in part by the fact that most people never traveled more than three miles from their place of birth until fairly recently. Indeed, for much of western history, marriage wasn't something requiring a ceremony, instead being an assumed state once a couple lived together long enough. Weddings are expensive after all, and not everyone could afford them, even a hundred years ago.

Look back just one decade, and you'll see that dating has evolved rapidly. The late 1990s saw the invention of dating websites, the 2000s saw their rise in popularity and the 2010s saw the rise of the dating app. All of these technological innovations are about reducing the amount of information for the person using the technology, narrowing profiles to details deemed essential: height, weight, religion, photo, location, Netflix and chilling preferences. This has simultaneously helped some people find love, while balkanizing the dating landscape into apps focused on specific religions, political outlooks or disinterest in serious relationships.

When you step into this situation, you should go forward armed with the knowledge of the type of person you'll next date, so you can say for sure what their behavior means. Take this quiz and we'll sort it out for you.

Do you use dating apps?

How do you know it is a date?

Are you looking for marriage and kids?

What's the most important thing in a potential date?

Be honest: Are you "good on paper"?

How comfortable are you with your own desires?

Would you break up with someone all your friends liked, if you just weren't feeling it?

In a straight couple, should the man pay on a date?

How important is dating to you right now?

Why did your last serious relationship end?

Do you know how to set and enforce boundaries early on?

How high would you say your expectations are for your future romantic life?

How do you feel about the prospect of ending up single?

If you were flirting with someone and they tried an abusive tactic (like negging), how would you respond?

On your dating profile, do you have a lot of parameters that you describe as dealbreakers?

How important is your partner's earning potential?

What is the highest level of education you have?

What sort of area do you live in at the moment?

Do you think there really are plenty of fish in the sea?

Do nice guys finish last?

Would you be suspicious of someone who said they were really into you, very early on?

How soon is too soon to get intimate?

What is the most obvious red flag you can think of?

Have you ever been ghosted?

Do you tend to date within your social circle?

Have you ever asked friends or family to set you up with someone?

Do you consider yourself a particularly kind person?

Do people tend to find it easy to open up to you?

If you have mixed feelings about someone, how do you handle it?

From how far away can you spot a lying jerk?

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