What size house should you buy?

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About This Quiz

The time has come to think about settling into a new home. But what size home do you really need? Find out if you need a huge house or a tiny home with this quiz!

Which room of a home do you think is most important?

What luxury feature must your new home include?

When shopping for a home, what is your biggest concern?

What would you do with an extra room?

What kind of car do you drive?

Would you be willing to take on some remodeling in a new home?

What is the scariest thing about buying a new home?

Why are you looking for a new home?

What decorating style do you find most appealing?

What would you do with an unfinished basement?

Which HGTV show do you like most?

If you were to host an HGTV show, what would it be called?

How many vehicles do you own?

What kind of heating system would you prefer a new home have?

Where would you build a dream home?

Who would help you do work on a new home?

How long are you willing to commute?

What room of your home do you spend the most time in?

Which HGTV host do you like most?

Do you have pets?

If you purchased a vacation home, where would it be located?

What is your least favorite household task?

Will you spend a lot of time gardening at your new home?

If you have money left over after purchasing a new home, what will you do with it?

Who will you share your home with?

Which style of home do you like most?

What sitcom does your life most resemble?

Who will help you move?

How will you spend your first night in your new home?

What would you do with a front porch?

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