What Should Your Oregon Trail Job Be?

Brian Whitney

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Many migrants made their way out West by way of the Oregon Trail, but it wasn't easy, everyone had to pitch in. What would have been your job on the trail?

Are you in good shape?

How good at cooking are you?

If you were going to drive cross-country with a buddy, who would do the most driving?

How tough are you in a fight?

Where would you be most comfortable?

What would you like for dinner tonight?

When did you get your driver's license?

Who do you most admire?

What do you need to survive?

Where would you feel most safe if trouble went down?

What are you going to get at the store for supplies?

What do your friends say is your best quality?

What is your best physical quality?

How long could you survive if lost in the woods?

How often do you hit the gym?

You just spotted some Native Americans, what do you do?

The mules are tired, what do you do?

You need a part time job because money is tight. What would you do?

What are you doing at the club?

We are almost out of water, what do we do?

What road looks appealing?

Does a snowy winter freak you out?

How important is it for your space to be clean?

What do you do if someone on your wagon is sick?

Would you be willing to trade with Native Americans?

What movie would you watch?

Where would you choose to live?

How would you cross a river?

You don't feel well, how come?

You went out hunting, what did you bring back?

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