What Should You Really Major In?

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You've got everything it takes to be successful in this world. But what should you major in, to best keep your studies interesting, and set you up for the life you want? Take this quiz to find out what you should really major in!

Do other people value what you would like to do?

Do you mind whether other people understand what you do?

Are you good at self-motivation?

Do you think laterally?

What's a good reason to travel?

Are you sporty?

What percentage nerd are you?

Do you want to spend a lot of money on your degree, if it'll bear returns?

Do you like it when there's a right and wrong answer?

Are you a philosopher?

Who would bore you to be around every day?

What social ill would you like to help fix?

What's heaven to you?

What's hell to you?

What's your greatest fear in your ideal profession?

How do you learn?

Do you want a lot of time off?

When you give your prize acceptance speech to the mirror (as we all do), what prize is it for?

Whose career would you like to have?

What's a company you admire?

What is academia to you?

Are you willing to move for the right job?

What sort of smart are you?

How are you with numbers?

If sticking to your family background is important, what is that background?

Do you suffer fools gladly?

Do you play well with others?

Are you good with your hands?

Do you love money?

How academic are you?

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