What Should You Put on the Grill this Weekend?

Teresa M.

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You did it! You made it through the workweek. When you relax and fire up the grill this weekend, what will you cook? Will you be adventurous or stick to the classics?

Which side dish do you prefer?

Which bagel topping do you like most?

How much of a grill master are you?

Which celebrity chef would you like to grill with?

What beverage will you serve your dinner guests?

Which grilled vegetable do you like most?

What kind of dessert will you serve?

What are you most likely to make in a slow cooker?

What would your grill apron say?

Which cooking show do you watch most often?

Who would be your grilling assistant?

What would you serve as an appetizer?

Who would you like to have a grill off with?

What kind of bread will you serve at your barbecue?

Where will you purchase the food for your grilling adventure?

What farm animal do you like most?

How do you like to have your steak cooked?

What game might you play at your barbecue?

What do you grill most often?

What kind of sauce would you serve with your grilled goodies?

Which is your favorite way to prepare a potato?

Will you ask your guests to bring a dish?

What is your favorite way to prepare an egg?

What would you most likely do with a grilled chicken breast?

What is your favorite salad dressing?

What do you do the most on the weekend?

What is your favorite kitchen appliance?

Which do you microwave the most?

What brand of soda do you prefer?

Which fruit do you like most?

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