What Should You Put Inside Plastic Easter Eggs?

Teresa M.

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Why waste a perfectly good egg when you can use reusable plastic eggs this Easter? You can get really creative with what you put inside. Let us help you decide what to surprise the kids with this year!

What color plastic eggs will you use?

What is the best part of an Easter egg hunt?

Where will you participate in an egg hunt?

If you were a child, what would you like to find in your plastic egg?

What would you put inside a special, golden plastic egg?

What are you likely to put inside an Easter basket?

Do you attend Easter church services?

What egg shaped candy do you like most?

If you were making an Easter basket without a basket, what would you use?

Which Easter stuffed animal do you think is the cutest?

What dish might you take to Easter dinner?

What do you like most about Easter?

What Easter time flower do you like most?

What color tulips would you put on the Easter dinner table?

Who do you know that gets most excited about Easter?

What flavor Cadbury Egg do you like most?

Where would you hide the plastic eggs?

Will you spend a lot of money on your Easter egg filling?

When you were a kid, what did you like most about Easter?

Where will you buy your Easter egg filling?

Which homemade Easter candy do you like most?

Do you like Peeps?

Will you put plastic eggs in an Easter basket?

How much money would you put in a plastic egg?

How many plastic eggs will you fill?

What age group will you make eggs for?

Is Easter your favorite holiday?

What would you put inside adult themed plastic eggs?

What time of day will you hold your egg hunt?

Will you get dressed up for Easter?

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