What Should You Name Your Pet Rock?

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Maybe your cubicle is boring. Maybe you need to liven up your space. Either way, a pet rock is a no mess, no fuss option. But what should you name your pet rock? Let us help!

What kind of music would you play for your pet rock?

Which rock band would your pet rock like most?

Which famous rock formation would you like to visit?

Will your pet rock have the same personality as "The Rock?"

What would you feed your pet rock?

Where will you place your pet rock?

How would you say good morning to your pet rock?

What would you like most about having a pet rock?

What kind of pet have you owned?

Why would you want a pet rock instead of a dog?

Which emoji might you paint on your pet rock?

Are you a responsible pet owner?

Which holiday would you decorate your pet rock for?

Who would you give a pet rock as a gift?

How would you entertain your pet rock?

What kind of rock would your pet rock be?

How would you decorate your pet rock?

What celebrity would you make your pet rock look like?

If your pet rock were in the military, which branch would it belong in?

Who do you think will like your pet rock the most?

What made you decide to get a pet rock?

How would your pet rock describe your personality?

Which type of rock do you think is most beautiful?

How many pet rocks will you end up having?

If you painted one word on your pet rock, what would it be?

Where would you take your pet rock for a vacation?

If your pet rock were to star in a movie, what would it be?

Will you ever carry your pet rock in your pocket?

If your pet rock were an animal, which one would it be?

Will your pet rock have any special talents?

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