What Should You Buy at Walmart?

Teresa M.

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You name it; you can probably get it at Walmart. Founded in 1962 by Sam Walton, Walmart has become a staple. Next time you go shopping at Walmart, what should you get?

How often do you go to Walmart?

What was the last thing you purchased?

How close is your nearest Walmart?

Other than Walmart, where do you like to shop?

Which pharmacy do you use most often?

Who usually accompanies you to Walmart?

Do you drive around the parking lot looking for a closer space?

Which snack food might you buy at Walmart?

What household cleaning item would you purchase at Walmart?

Which Walmart store section would you find yourself in the most?

What is your favorite thing about Walmart?

Which Walmart brand item would you purchase?

Which gift are you most likely to purchase at Walmart?

How long do you spend at Walmart during shopping trip?

What catches your eye most in Walmart?

Which article of clothing would you by at Walmart?

Do you stick to a budget when you shop?

Do you use coupons?

Which electronic item might you purchase at Walmart?

Which item carried by Walmart surprises you the most?

You can find a lot of craft supplies at Walmart, which craft would you try?

If you were a Walmart employee, what would you job be?

Do you put your Walmart carts in the cart corral?

What time of day do you usually shop at Walmart?

Which item would you purchase for yourself at Walmart?

Which Walmart service do you use most often?

What do you like least about Walmart?

What do you stock up on while you are at Walmart?

Which charity would you support when they sell stuff outside of Walmart?

When is the next time you will go to Walmart?

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