What Should You Be Thankful for This Thanksgiving?

Teresa M.

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Oh, stop belly aching. Everyone has something to be thankful for. Deep inside you know that this year hasn't been half bad. If you are still having a hard time finding thankfulness, this is the QUIZ for you!

How many times did you visit the E.R. this year?

What Thanksgiving side dish do you like most?

What will you shop for on Black Friday?

What do you enjoy most about Thanksgiving day?

What beverage will you serve with Thanksgiving dinner?

How large will your Thanksgiving party be?

What is your favorite pie flavor?

What is your favorite holiday?

What country would you like to visit?

What U.S. state would you least like to visit?

Who is your favorite 'The Big Bang Theory' character?

What Autumn color do you like most?

What Fall scent is most appealing to you?

What root vegetable do you like most?

What will you purchase for our sweetheart this year?

What is your least favorite household chore?

What breed of dog do you like most?

Who did you last call?

Where would you like to retire?

What is your favorite trait in a partner?

What holiday film do you like most?

Where are you most likely to take a first date?

Who is your favorite 'Two Broke Girls' character?

What language would you like to learn?

What class would you be most likely to take?

Who is your favorite singer?

What is your favorite mythical creature?

What kind of candy bar do you like most?

What Disney princess do you like most?

What will you do after Thanksgiving dinner?

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