What Should be Your Actual Birthstone?

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About This Quiz

Generally associated with your birth month, your birthstone has a rich, colorful history. But, do you have the right birthstone for your personality? Find out!

What season were you born in?

What color do you find most appealing?

What month do you enjoy most?

What holiday do you enjoy most?

What outdoor activity do you like most?

According to your friends, what would be your best quality?

What country would you most like to visit?

How would your friends describe the advice you give?

How would you describe your temper?

What month is sapphire associated with?

Which month does not have a blue birthstone?

Which birthstone is associated with good luck?

Which birthstone is associated with confidence?

Which birthstone can be found along the eastern coast of the U.S.?

What type of metal do you prefer your jewelry to be made of?

What aspect of your personality do you want to work on to improve yourself?

What month would you most likely get married in?

Which astrological sign is closest to your own?

Where would you most like to vacation?

How would you describe your best friend?

What gift would you most like to receive for your birthday?

Would you like to try harvesting your own gems?

Other than diamonds, what is a girl's best friend?

What jewelry item do you wear most often?

Where do you shop for jewelry most often?

How would you like to celebrate your birthday this year?

What kind of cake would you like for your birthday?

What do you usually do on your birthday?

Who is your favorite member of the British Royal Family?

How old do you feel?

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