What Rifle Matches Your Personality?

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The combination of Minié ball and rifling changed the history of the world. Before these two technologies, firing a gun involved a lot of guesswork and luck. Muskets were the rifle's forebearers, and they were accurate about 40 percent of the time, in the hands of an expert. This was the weapon with which Washington's soldiers were expected to fight the war. When the American revolutionaries got their hands on rifles, they went straight into the hands of their best shots, who could make the most out of the rare and expensive bleeding edge military technology.

Today, rifles are the default long gun. Shotguns, the descendants of the blunderbuss, still occupy a prominent place in sport, law enforcement, and military life, but the rifle is the gold standard projectile weapon, with thousands of variations and types.

Some rifles rely on more modern innovations including the use of escaping gas from a round to load the next cartridge into the chamber, or a lever action to manually advance another round, or laser sights to improve accuracy. All rifles, regardless of their bells and whistles, still use the same basic technology: the conical bullet and spiral grooves inside the barrel, called rifling.

With so much variation, you may wonder which rifle matches your personality. Wonder no more! Take this quiz, and we will sort you out.

How do you get your news?

What is the highest number of pistols you have owned?

What do you like to do on the weekend, when you get out of the house?

Where do you learn to shoot?

How much time do you spend at work?

Honestly, how good a shot are you?

How many times have you been fired?

What would you like to use a rifle to do?

What books do you like to read?

What basketball strategy do you favor?

How many drafts do you go through when writing a letter?

Where do you stand in your workplace hierarchy?

How do you watch TV?

How would you go about buying a new car?

How much time do you spend on continuing your education?

How would you complete the sentence "Don't work hard, work________."?

How do you keep warm when it is cold outside?

How would you study for an academic test?

What form of folk art do you like best?

How would you remove a Phillips head screw from a 2x4, if your toolbox lacked that kind of screwdriver?

How do you like to shop for food?

When something breaks in your house, what do you do?

What sport do you find the most frustrating?

What movie genre do you like best?

Which handgun do you like the look of?

How do you prefer to get around town?

Which of these is closest to your vice?

To what country would you like to go on a hunting trip?

What is the highest number of rifles you have owned?

What kind of pocket knife do you carry?

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