What Quentin Tarantino Movie Should You Star In?

By: Brian Whitny
Image: The Movie DB

About This Quiz

Whether you love him or hate him, there is no doubt that Quentin Tarantino has made some pretty wild movies. Did you ever want to be in one of his films? If so, take our quiz and find out which one you could star in!

What do you like to do on the weekends?

How hot do you think Uma Thurman is?

Would you be more likely to be a bounty hunter or a criminal?

Would you be good at plotting crimes?

Which song do you like the most?

What movie would you watch?

How far would you go to get revenge?

What do you look the best in?

How much do you like to talk?

Do you mind torture scenes?

Who would you most want to hang out with?

What is your favorite Coen brothers movie?

What would you eat?

Who is your favorite actor?

Do you like violence in movies?

Do you find it hard to follow society's rules?

If you were a hired killer, who would you be working for?

What would you do to wind down?

How do you attract the opposite sex?

Do you ever feel that other people don't deserve what they have?

Do you ever help other people without getting anything out of it?

How would your movie do at the box office?

What might you say?

Do you reach your goals?

How into horses are you?

How well do you tip?

What would you do if your partner cheated on you?

How often do you act impulsively?

Where would you fit in as an extra?

Is hard work the best way to get ahead?

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