What Punk Band Should You Listen To?

By: Brian Whitney
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There are many bands that are known as "punk;" some so hard and fast that many people find it unlistenable and some that are not that far away from pop. What punk band should you listen to?

How do you like your punk music?

Do you care if your band can play their instruments well?

Which punk lyric do you like the most?

How angry are you?

What would your friends say about you?

What do you think of your hairstyle?

What do you think the opposite sex thinks of you?

How into slam dancing are you?

Which of these punk bands is your favorite?

Do you like your lead singer to actually sing?

Do your peers think you are cool?

Do you care what critics think of your favorite bands?

What would you do on a Friday night?

What band do you like?

Are you actually dangerous?

What do you like songs to be about?

Are you artistic?

Do you like to mess with people?

Would you write a song about poverty?

Are you much of a partier?

Are your songs often about hooking up?

Would anyone ever think you are emo?

If you were in a band, would you have side projects?

Do you like a band with really good lyrics?

What do you wear on your feet?

Would you ever rock a mohawk?

How important should the bass player be?

Are you smart?

What do you think of the way the world is today?

If not punk, what type of music would you like?

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