What Psychic Power Are You?

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Psychic powers are the original superpowers. Stories of people with psychic abilities go back to the oldest myths in the world. To many ancient cultures, any knowledge at all of the will of the gods was a kind of psychic power. There were times in history when claiming to have a psychic power, or apparently demonstrating one, was enough to result in serious consequences.

Today, many see psychics as little more than sideshow acts; people who use tarot cards and tea leaves to amuse people gullible enough to cough up the cash for a reading. There are still people who claim "real powers" though. Uri Geller maintains that his powers are psychic in origin, and that he has the ability to bend metal with his mind, a power granted to him by space aliens who abducted him in the 1970s. Really. Still other psychics claim even stranger powers. Edgar Cayce, a psychic who died in 1945, claimed that he had visions in his sleep, and would nap on a couch, producing visions of Atlantis.

So which psychic power are you? Which psychic power would manifest from your character, setting, and outlook? Take our quiz, and we'll tell you.

What characteristic dominates your most vivid dreams?

How often do you benefit from what would otherwise be brushed off as pure coincidences?

Which of these ancient Greek myths resonates with you the most?

How often do you see someone like David Blaine on TV and wonder if what he's doing is real?

Have you ever won the lottery, even a little one like a scratch off?

To which element do you feel the strongest affinity?

Which of these feels like it's the main source of your conflicts with other people?

What word would you use to describe your best friend's personality?

Which of these elements of life is most important to you?

Which kind of food would you order for a night in with your significant other?

Which public behavior exhibited by other people irritates you the least?

How long have you known your best friend?

How often do you find that other people are happy to help you out with things?

In which field do your ambitions lie?

If you had a psychic power, how tempted would you be to use it for personal gain?

When did you make most of your main circle of friends?

Which of these vacation ideas feels most attractive to you right now?

Other than breakfast foods and sandwiches, how many dishes do you know how to cook from scratch?

How many hours do you spend watching TV per week?

Which of the following inanimate objects frustrates you the most?

When you find yourself engaging in a bad habit, how do you react?

Where do you do your best creative work?

How do you prefer to blow off steam?

How do you learn about world events?

Which of these would you have the most trouble living without?

What makes you feel FOMO the hardest?

Which of these achievements makes you proudest?

How long do you take to fold and put away your laundry after you wash and dry it?

What's your living situation?

Which of these technical skills do you most admire?

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