What Predator Do You Turn Into When the Sun Goes Down?

Raj Chander

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Humans are at the top of the food chain. But in the natural environment, there are plenty of stunning predators that know how to stalk and kill prey with a brutal efficiency that only Mother Nature could provide.

Wolves, for example, may not be the strongest or largest animals around, but they make fierce predators when teaming up with their peers to take down a much larger target, like an elk or bison. Their intelligence and teamwork make them dangerous hunters.

On the other hand, a predator like a tiger is a solitary hunter. While these big cats are relatively fast, they can't always outrun their prey, so they must rely on stealth and surprise to take down other animals for consumption. A tiger doesn't make itself known until the last possible moment, when it's too late for their prey to do anything about it.

Human beings may keep themselves dignified and upstanding at work or with our families, but when the sun goes down and we get an opportunity to really let loose, our internal predators come out. Curious which animal (or mythical) predator is most like you? Hit the quiz below and we'll give you the scoop on your inner beast.

Predators operate at all different times of the day. When do you feel most active and effective?

Many predators work well with fellow animals. Do you like being out with others at night?

Every predator has someone trying to grab their dinner. What's your take on competitors?

Let's say you came across someone looking for a handout. How do you respond?

Some predators hunt for an entire group. How do you feel about sharing what you've achieved?

What are you most likely to be doing on the weekend?

Every predator has been involved in some epic hunts. How often do you tell stories about hunts?

The way you hunt defines your spirit. What's the most powerful part of your body?

Most predators are also driven to procreate. How do you feel about having kids?

What's your current relationship status?

Every famous predator has their favorite meal. What's your go-to dish?

Which of these countries would you most want to live in?

When you're not working or hunting, what's your favorite form of recreation?

No matter how tough they seem, every predator has weaknesses. What's your biggest fear?

Which color are you most likely to wear?

Most predators are creatures of habit. How do you spend your mornings?

Even predators sometimes need a boost. What do you do for extra motivation?

As a predator, what's your opening move to get the upper hand against your prey?

Many of nature's famous hunters are carnivores. What's your favorite kind of meat?

Predators have to select their meals carefully. How do you choose your prey?

What kind of music would you be listening to on your hunt?

Some predators are social animals. What do others appreciate most about you?

Speaking of your social circle, predators are choosy about who they associate with. What's your friend group like?

Predators all have their own unique lairs. What does your dream home look like?

Celebrities are often compared to nature's apex predators. Which celeb are you most similar to?

It's amazing to watch a predator in their natural habitat. Where are you most comfortable?

Films can inspire us to achieve. What movie do you watch to get excited about your hunt?

Predators have been revered for centuries. Which ancient civilization do you most identify with?

At the end of the day, predators are still animals. How do you show a potential mate that you're interested?

What kind of tools would you use on your hunt?

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