What Popular 2016 Toy Should You Get Your Daughter for Christmas?


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2016 was a great year for girls in the toy world. Toy makes like Melissa and Doug have invented new classics. Disney has released toys for films like ‘Inside Out’, and released toys like Princess Sophia. Let this quiz help your choose the right toy for your daughter!

What school subject does your daughter enjoy most?

What do you and your daughter do on a day out?

What was your favorite board game when you were growing up?

What is your daughter's favorite color?

What is your daughter's secret talent?

Where will your family spend the holidays?

When do you do most of your Christmas shopping?

What gift card are you most likely to give your daughter?

What holiday do you like the most?

What job would your daughter hold at Santa's Workshop?

Who is your daughter's favorite Disney princess?

Who will be the first in your house to wake on Christmas morning?

What gift would you secretly like to give your daughter?

How many children do you have?

What food will you leave for Santa's reindeer?

Who is the Scrooge in your household?

What beverage will you serve at Christmas dinner?

Where will you shop on Black Friday?

What Cyber Monday gift are you most likely to buy?

What is your daughter's favorite holiday dessert?

What is your favorite Christmas carol?

What will you do after Christmas dinner?

What Secret Santa gift would you purchase?

What is your favorite winter accessory?

What does your daughter want to be when she grows up?

How long have you stood in a Black Friday line?

What charity do you try to support every year?

Which of Santa's reindeer does your daughter like best?

What kind of heart does your daughter have?

What are you most thankful for this holiday season?

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