What Plants Should You Grow in Your Witch Garden?

Zoe Samuel

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In nearly every culture, witchcraft is a practice with hundreds – if not thousands – of years of history. The Bible mentions witches. The ancient Greeks wrote of witches, both good and evil. There have been times when it was considered heretical for Christians not to believe in the existence of witchcraft, and times when it was heretical for them to believe in the existence of witchcraft. Shakespeare wrote of witches, putting his indelible stamp on the literary archetype of the witch, influencing how they are depicted to this day.

The late 20th century saw the respectability of witches become mainstream. These days, films and television shows depict witches who are not old hags and who do not spend their nights casting curses on unsuspecting heroes. With this shift, people have become more open to practicing witchcraft, and today witches live unremarkable lives, free from persecution in the West.

If you want to cast a spell, as any witch will tell you, you need to meet the physical needs of the spell. Some spells require specific symbols, candles, incense or wands to focus magical power. Most of all, you'll need the right ingredients, and that's where your garden comes in. Real estate isn't cheap, and if you want to have the right plants at the right time, you need a garden stocked with the right stuff. Let us help you figure out what you need to plant.

Who knows that you practice witchcraft?

How did things break for you when you finally left school and took a grown-up job?

Who introduced you to witchcraft?

Which of the following issues affects your life the most?

Which astronomically aligned stone monument would make your ideal spell casting location?

What kind of relationship do you think is missing from your life?

What time of day or night would you seek to cast your magic?

What's the first thing a visitor to your home might notice?

Of your friends and family, who would you want to include as a part of your coven?

How often would you need to cast magical spells?

Which culture's mysticism appeals to you the most?

How careful are you with dangerous substances?

What deity would you want as a patron?

What activity is the main focus of your life these days?

On behalf of what third party would you cast a spell?

On what primary issue do you vote?

Why would you hold off on casting a spell?

What form do your savings take?

Who else will be involved in casting your spells?

How likely are you to make magic that will involve something being taken into your own body?

Magic is, above all, a tool. What kind of mundane tool do you never leave home without?

What is the greatest loss you've experienced in your adult life?

Which stereotypical power attributed to witches would you want to have?

How would you describe the worst negative feeling you feel in a regular week?

Which assumption about witches do you see as the most unfair?

What animal would you choose as your familiar?

What famous mystic would you choose as your mentor?

What kind of wand would you choose for ritual purposes?

To which of these occult symbols are you drawn?

Where would you construct your ritual space?

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