What Piece of Classic Literature Describes Your Life?

Brian Whitney

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If you have read a lot of classic literature you soon realize they all have two things in common. Incredible writing and amazing life messages. Which one describes your life best?

Have you had any hard financial times in your life?

Do you think a lot of people around you are kind of fake?

Are you kind of impulsive?

Do you like to buy expensive things?

If your neighbor needs help, would you pitch in?

What type of music do you like?

Are you the adventurous type?

How many pairs of shoes do you own?

Would you move for a job?

How do your friends describe you?

Do you mind hanging out alone for long periods?

What would be a good job for you?

You and 10 others are lost in the woods, what do you do?

Did you feel misunderstood in high school?

How would you do on Survivor?

Where would you like to live?

Someone at work is doing a bad job, what do you do?

Did you go through a rebellious stage?

Do you always listen to your parents growing up?

How often do you wear a tie?

How into money are you?

What types of movies do you like?

How would you handle a bunch of cannibals?

Do you know a lot of people who cheat on their significant others?

How do you handle it when someone messes with you?

Pick a book?

What is one thing you would change about yourself?

How loyal are you to your friends?

Where would you vacation?

What is most important in life?

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