What percentage Johnny Depp are you?

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From Edward Scissorhands to Donnie Brasco, the characters played by Johnny Depp mirror a little bit of us all, but how much Johnny Depp, the actor, are you?

Which of Johnny Depp's leading ladies do you think is the best actress?

Which '90s film staring Johnny Depp did you like most?

What do you like most about Johnny Depp?

Which Hunter S. Thompson book would you like to read?

What did you think of Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka?

Which of Johnny Depp's roles did you like most?

Which animated series that had Johnny Depp as a guest star do you like the most?

Which "Rango" character did you like most?

Which word would you choose to describe Johnny Depp?

Which '80s film should they remake, starring Johnny Depp?

Which character from "Alice in Wonderland" is your favorite?

Which actor do you like almost as much as Johnny Depp?

Which of Johnny Depp's ex-girlfriends do you know the most about?

If you had lunch with Johnny Depp, what would you talk about?

Which of Johnny Depp's tattoos would you get?

Which Johnny Depp film have you seen more than once?

Which "Pirates of the Caribbean" character do you like best?

If you could spend an afternoon with Johnny Depp, what would you do?

Would you like being famous?

Which of Johnny Depp's features do you wish you had?

Have you ever watched "21 Jump Street"?

Which sitcom would you like to see Johnny Depp guest star on?

If you worked for Johnny Depp, what would you do?

If you met Johnny Depp, what is the first thing you would say?

Which "Corpse Bride" character do you like most?

Would you also like to have a home in France?

Which instrument would you like to learn to play?

When is the last time you saw a Johnny Depp film?

Other than "Cry-Baby," which musical do you think Johnny Depp should star in?

Did you have a secret crush on Johnny Depp growing up?

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