What percentage eco-friendly are you?

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Are you conscious of your carbon footprint, or do you give it little thought? Let's find out what percent eco-friendly you really are! Is it more or less than you would have guessed?

Does your car get good mileage?

What would you do with a leftover wine bottle?

What do you do to help the bees?

What is your biggest environmental concern?

What do you do with leftover coffee grounds?

Do you ever use paper plates?

What kind of bags do you use at the grocery store?

Which fabric do you prefer?

Would you live in a tiny home?

Would you like to have a self-composting toilet?

Which eco-friendly food do you like most?

Do you use the dishwasher?

What is your preferred way to commute?

Which eco-friendly feature would you add to your home?

Would you have solar panels installed on your home?

What would you do if you saw someone littering?

How do you feel about carpooling?

Would your friends say you are eco-friendly?

Do you do a lot of gardening?

Do you eat a lot of organic food?

Do you avoid GMO foods?

How do you limit your electric usage?

How do you heat your home?

How would you help others become eco-friendly?

Which endangered species are you most likely to sponsor?

What do you wish most for future generations?

What item do you wish more people knew is horrible for the environment?

Which celebrity do you think is most environmentally conscious?

Which environmental organization would you consider supporting?

Do you use paper towels?

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