What percentage Daryl Dixon of the Walking Dead are you?

Kennita Leon

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Everyone who watches "The Walking Dead" has fallen in love with the crossbow-slinging Mr. Dixon. He is a total badass who isn't afraid to cry or hold a baby. Daryl is one of the most important people in the fight against the Walkers, so how much do you think you can match up to him?

What are your friends like?

How would your friends describe you?

When you were in high school, what did your teachers say about you?

In high school, what was your attitude toward homework?

Which annual holiday/event is your favorite?

Which movie genre can you not get enough of?

Which of these zombie movies would you watch over and over again?

Before the apocalypse, which one of these jobs were you most likely to have?

What’s the first thing you look for once the apocalypse starts?

Who’s the first person you look for, after the apocalypse?

Where is the first place that you go once the apocalypse starts?

Food is low after the apocalypse - what are you eating?

What’s the most comfortable thing to wear during the apocalypse?

What kind of vehicle would you ride around in, post-apocalypse?

Finish the sentence: Stealing during the apocalypse is ___________.

Which weapon would you use to take out the Walkers?

Which of these unconventional weapons would you use if you had to?

How would you feel after killing a Walker?

You meet a group of like-minded individuals. What role do you play in the group?

Which of these items would you be the most excited to see while scavenging?

You see a huge group of Walkers coming toward you. What do you do?

Which cast member would you save first?

Which villain did you hate the most?

Which character do you miss the most?

Which safe zone did you like the most?

In which of these abandoned places would you spend a night?

The person you’re traveling with is bitten by a Walker. What would you do next?

Rick asks you to babysit Judith. What do you do with her?

Who on the team would the group completely fail without?

What would you miss the most about the way life was before the apocalypse began?

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