What Percentage of Betty White are You?

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Born in 1922, Betty White has always been one of a kind. Her sass and comedic timing have ripped doors wide open for younger generations. You know you have a little Betty White in you, but how much?

Which of "The Golden Girls" did you like most?

Which of Betty White's sitcoms have you seen most?

What do you love most about Betty White?

Betty White is very philanthropic. Which charity would you endorse?

Which "Mama's Family" character did you find the funniest?

Which "Hot in Cleveland" actress do you find most attractive?

Which "Pyramid" category would you want Betty White to coach you through?

Which animated movie with Betty White's voice did you like most?

Which Betty White quote do you like most?

If you were to cook dinner for Betty White, what would you make?

Which actor would you like to see star in a new film with Betty White?

Betty White hold the world's record for Longest TV Career for an Entertainer (Female). What world record will you hold?

If Betty were to replace a leading lady in a romantic comedy, which film would you choose for her?

Which film with Betty White did you like most?

If you could spend an afternoon with Betty White, what would you like to do?

Which sitcom that Betty played Rose in did you like the most?

If Betty did not become an actress, what should she have been?

How many times have you been married?

Which card game would you like to play with Betty White?

Betty was given a cool title by her classmates. Which title would you high school class have given you?

Which parade do you think Betty White should host?

Betty White loves hot dogs. What would you order on your hot dog?

Have you ever adopted an animal?

Which season where you born in?

Which Rose Nyland quote do you think is the funniest?

Which Betty White show would you like to revisit?

What part of Betty White's signature look might you try to pull off?

What name might you give to an adopted pet in Betty's honor?

Which decade do you think contained Betty's best acting?

What do you think everyone can learn from Betty White?

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