What Percent Cat Are You Actually?

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Dogs are considered to be a man's best friend, but cats deserve a place as the quiet, introverted and caring BFF too! In fact, humans and cats aren't all that different from each other, as many of them share similar personality and behavior traits. Some of these include being curious, resilient and a little bit shy sometimes. But not all cats are shy, as many of them can be quite chatty! Take the Burmese or the Japanese bobtail cat for instance. Both of these cats love attention and they're not shy about meowing to their owners in an adorable manner.

And if you love to eat, then you might be more like a cat than you realize. Although their diet mainly consists of dry and wet food, cats can also eat some whole grains, canned fish, cooked eggs and some types of vegetables (such as winter squash or steamed broccoli). Cats also can't eat foods like onions, raisins and macadamia nuts, so if you share the same disapproval, then that's all the proof you need about your feline status! But if you still don't believe that you're actually a cat, then it's time for you to take our adorable quiz now! 

When friends or family members run over to you for a hug, how do you feel about this?

On a scale of 1-10, how independent of a person are you?

During your days off, would you rather sleep in for 12 hours or wake up early to be productive?

If you were a type of cat, which of the following would you be similar to?

Are you the type of person who gets scared easily by noise?

When you're having a problem in life, do you tend to solve it yourself or rely on others for help?

If you saw a random pencil on a table, would you be tempted to knock it over?

Which of the following weather patterns matches your typical mood?

Are you excited about making new friends in life or is this something that you shy away from?

Would other people describe you as a logical person or are you more creative in nature?

Your friend just compared your personality to the famous Grumpy Cat! What are you going to say to them?

Let's be honest here: You're secretly a soft teddy bear on the inside, right?

Do you secretly have a vendetta against taking a bath or shower or is this a ridiculous notion?

It's a sunny day today! Are you going to go out for a run or stay indoors to relax?

If you saw an empty cardboard box on the ground, would you be tempted to try and sit in it?

Oh no! Your best friend just got fired from their job! Are you going to give them a big hug to make them feel better?

Which of these awesome cat superpowers would you like to acquire for yourself?

Uh oh! You've got a 10-page essay that's due by tomorrow! Are you going to start it now or not start it all?

Do you think that being super popular is more of a blessing or a curse?

Pick one of these fun cat toys that you secretly want to play with!

Pretend that you're a cat for a moment. Where would you hide to get some much-needed beauty sleep?

You've got one opportunity to change your current name to one of these adorable cat names!

Which of these cat activities sounds the most fun to you?

We know that you secretly have a mischievous side to your personality! Are we right or wrong?

On a scale of low-maintenance to high-maintenance, where do you fall on this spectrum?

When it comes to trying new types of exotic foods, is this something that you fear or look forward to?

Are you the type of person who gets jealous of other people very easily?

As a cat, would you have the roar of a lion or would you be as quiet as a mouse?

Whoops! It looks like someone accidentally spilled some milk on the floor! Are you going to clean this up yourself?

Which of the following personality traits resonates with you the most?

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