What Nostalgic Animated Film Should You Watch?

Teresa M.

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There's no better way to top off a weekend than to curl up and watch a film that fills you with nostalgia! Which animated film should you take a trip down memory lane with?

Which animal do you think makes the cutest animated critter?

Which animated prime time series do you like most?

What kind of films do you watch most often?

Which of the following makes you feel most nostalgic?

Do you have a good memory?

Which Saturday morning cartoon do you wish you could still watch?

Which Don Bluth film do you like most?

Which snack food eat during a movie?

Which "Bambi" character did you think was cutest?

What do you think that old animated films do better than new animation?

If you were in the circus, what would be your job?

Who is your favorite character from "The Jungle Book?"

Which children's book do you remember the most?

Which modern animated film do you like most?

Which animated mouse do you like most?

Which animal from the Chinese Zodiac are you most like?

Which of Mickey Mouse's friends would you want to hang out with?

Who would you invite over to watch a nostalgic animated film?

Which animated couple do you think has the best relationship?

Where do you usually watch movies?

Which sitcom do you think would make a good animated series?

Which Disney princess do you think is the most intelligent?

Which classic black and white film do you like most?

Which comfort food reminds you of your childhood?

Which childhood authority figure do you think of most often?

How would your friends describe your personality?

Who is the last person you texted?

Which cartoon do you remember watching with your parents most?

Which Pixar film have you seen more than once?

Has a film ever made you cry?

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