What Nontraditional Tattoo Is Right for You?

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There's actually more than one tattoo style that includes "traditional" in the way it's described. Both American Traditional and Japanese Traditional are fairly popular styles that use time-tested design elements to produce clean and easy to identify tattoos. There's a lot of tradition in tattooing, in fact. Tribal tattoos themselves are a tradition that was co-opted by more modern fans of tattooing. While the practice is widespread and culturally accepted now, there was a long period in history during which tattooing was not considered "normal."  It was a niche thing that people on the fringes of polite society might do – circus folk, sailors and those same people acknowledging their tribal roots. Tattooing has come a long way to gain acceptance for the incredible form of art and expression that it is.

As commonplace as tattoos are today, there are still many unusual types to consider. Certain styles, designs and methods are not traditional by any means. Some of these are subtle and some are anything but. Still, if you're a fan of tattooing and want to leave tradition behind to try something unusual and unique, there are options. The question is, which nontraditional tattoo option is right for you? Let's take the quiz and find out!

It's hard to jump right into a nontraditional tattoo, but not impossible. How many tattoos do you already have?

What style of tattoo is the most interesting to you?

Aside from tattoos, a few other body mods are out there. What sounds coolest to you?

Some parties are more intense than others. Ever been to a rave?

If a friend of yours was learning to be a tattoo artist, would you let them perform their first real tattoo on you?

Would you ever get a tattoo of a celebrity on you somewhere?

Do you have a limit to how many tattoos you'd consider getting?

How's your pain threshold?

Are you looking to show off your ink or keep it under wraps?

If you were going to get a portrait tattoo, who would you get a portrait of?

How would you cover a tattoo if your boss was giving you a hard time about it?

What's the riskiest extreme sport you'd ever consider doing?

Would you ever get the name of someone you were in love with tattooed on you?

Pick your favorite saying for some knuckle tattoos!

The most important part about getting a tattoo is finding the right artist. How are you finding yours?

Your tattoo is done and the artist did a mind-blowing job! How much will you tip?

An in-demand tattoo artist can really charge a premium. If you had the money to spare, what would you be willing to pay per hour for the best of the best?

What will you do if you ask for a portrait tattoo and then when it's done it looks nothing like the person in the real portrait?

Are you a fan of full color, or is black and grey your thing?

A few years back there was some stir in the media about eyeball tattoos. Would you ever get one?

We're told we shouldn't care what other people think, but – be honest – do you care what other people think?

Are you worried about what your tattoos are going to look like when you're old and grey?

Some people are prone to bleeding when they get tattooed. Are you?

Do you have a favorite tattoo show that you watch?

Is there a reason behind your urge to get tattooed?

If you were in the market for a photorealistic animal tattoo, what would you get?

So who's designing your tattoo, anyway?

Which of these tattoo trends do you like the least?

Which celebrity has the best tattoos, in your opinion?

How old do you think someone should be before they're allowed to get inked?

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