What New Age Religion Are You?

By: Marie Hullett
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Although technically called religions, many "New Age" organizations prefer to use terms like 'spiritual' or 'Mind, Body and Spirit.' While often a reaction in opposition to dominant Western Judeo-Christian values, some of these organizations, such as the Church of Satan, allow members to believe in whatever they want. Unlike other religions, that means that sure, you can follow Christianity as well as practice Satanism, no problem, without even being condemned to hell. Sure, it might sound counterintuitive. But why not try it? 

Let's face it — the world is always changing. So, perhaps it's time to identify with a New Age religion rather than a centuries-old one. For thousands of years, people were restricted to being Catholic, Muslim and the like. Now, you can proudly reveal yourself as a Scientologist or Raëlist. Isn't that more exciting? Many New Age religions heavily emphasize the self and holistic divinity, which means you're finally free to be whomever you want. So, maybe it's time to become a Wiccan or Satanist! You can always change your mind later.

Regardless which religion (if any) you practice, this quiz will reveal the true you through your New Age designation and tell you what to know about your spiritual place in the world. 

Would you consider yourself a religious person?

From "E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial" to "Arrival, Hollywood has reimagined aliens over and over again. So, are you a believer?

What do you think: Should members of your religion be allowed to believe in other religions or partake in sacred rites outside of yours?

Life is meant to be enjoyed. Right? Or ... what do you believe?

Time to head to your place of worship. What type of entity would you like to bow down to?

Some say Earth began with the Big Bang. What do you believe?

Time to select a ritual object. Which one compels you the most?

Religions aren't all about salvation. You also can partake in lively celebrations. Which holiday sounds like the most fun for you?

How do you like to celebrate on a joyous holiday?

Some people claim that humans are essentially good; others claim just the opposite. Where do you stand on this contentious issue?

Many New Age religions still possess a living founder. What type of person would you like your founder to be?

Most religions possess plenty of unique traditions. Which one of these practices sounds most ideal for you?

Let's talk about your outlook on life. Which of these concepts do you identify with the most?

Some religions such as Buddhism believe in the concept of reincarnation; others like Christianity teach the concept of heaven and hell. So, what's your idea of afterlife sound like?

The New Testament of the Bible states, "As you sow, so shall you reap," which essentially translates to the colloquial saying "what goes around comes around." Karma. So, do you believe in it?

Human cloning is becoming a serious scientific and ethical topic in contemporary society. What's your stance on it?

Which of these words do you instinctively gravitate toward?

Like age-old religions, New Age religions utilize images as emblems of their belief systems. So, which of these symbols do you like best?

Let's discuss what's important to you in this life. Which one of these concepts do you value most?

Let's look for some spiritual inspiration. Which of these quotes can you get on board with?

Are you more of an individualist or collectivist?

Time to gather with fellow followers in your place of worship. Where is that located, by the way?

Many belief systems encourage followers to constantly convert others to their faith. Are you prepared to recruit others to your new religion?

What type of life would you like to lead?

Which of these religious practices would you most like to engage in?

Some people say things like "you can do anything if you set your mind to it." What are your thoughts on your potential and the potential of others?

Which one of these professional titles would you most like to be called?

Some New Age religions believe in the healing properties of crystals. Which stone will you harness power from?

Some religions, like Christianity, often talk about the concept of holy matrimony. So, what's your take on marriage?

Finally, are you ready to die for your beliefs?

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