What Nail Polish Name Matches Your Style?

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Fashionable clothes, styles and accessories are a reflection of an individual's personality, and there's no wrong or right way to go about this since everyone is different.  So today, we're going to explore what makes you unique with this stylish quiz!

At the end of the day, a unique sense of style is all about the subtle details. Almost everyone has access to the same types of clothes and accessories that you do, and one great way to stand out is by wearing these things a little differently. For example, you could wear a belt around a dress to accentuate your figure. Or, you could match your nails to your favorite shirt. Jewelry is also a wonderful way to draw some subtle attention to your outfit. You could layer some necklaces together, wear some colorful rings on just one hand or add some chunky bracelets to your wrist. With the fashionable world in the palm of your hand, the possibilities for building and creating some unique outfits are endless. So go a little crazy with this stylish quiz today. Mix and match some of your favorite colors, prints and jeweled accessories for a nail polish hue that resembles your inner personality!

When it comes to ripped jeans, do we hear a "hooray" or a "nay" from you?

Which of these types of dresses would be the most appropriate for a job interview?

Who is your celebrity style icon for some fashion inspiration?

What type of outfit would you want to show off at the gym?

Which of these stores would you make a beeline for in a shopping mall?

Choose one of these cute shoes to wear for a fancy first date!

One of these types of sunglasses speaks to your soul, but which one is it?

It's time for a summer vacation! What type of hat are you about to show off?

You look like you're in need of a new purse. If that's the case, choose one for yourself below!

Your hair is gorgeous, but it's missing something ... something like a cute hair clip!

Does your stylish wardrobe contain any rompers or jumpsuits?

Fill in the blank: you wouldn't wear ___________ even if someone paid you $1,000.

True or false: Body glitter is a must-have for a cute New Year's Eve outfit.

Everyone has a certain type of style that suits them the best, but what is yours like?

Which of these types of jewelry do you own way too much of?

There are many types of "fashion rules" in this world, but which of these do you strictly follow?

Is it better to go out shopping for clothes with some friends or by yourself?

Would you describe your sense of style as more modern or vintage?

Do you think that it's better to stand out or blend in with a fashionable crowd?

Out of these four Marvel superheroes, which one has the best sense of style?

What's the best type of holiday to show off a new outfit to others?

Do you have the willpower to go window shopping without spending any money?

There are lots of great things about fashion magazines, but what catches your attention the most?

Is it better to dress for yourself or for the approval of other people?

Make a quick decision about what you want to wear for a movie date: a tank top, T-shirt or a long-sleeved shirt?

What type of jacket will keep you warm during the chilly winter evenings?

Would you rather wear only solid colors or patterned prints for the rest of your life?

How do you feel about people who match their makeup to their outfit?

Which of the following images would you like to see on a T-shirt?

Jeans are a staple in everyone's wardrobe, but what's your favorite type of jeans?

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