What Nail Polish Color You Should Wear for Your Wedding?

By: Emily Maggrett
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For your hands, your wedding day is the equivalent of the Oscars for celebrities: an occasion on which they're going to be more heavily photographed and scrutinized than at any other time. Everyone important in your life is going to be watching you carry that bouquet, clasp your spouse's hands and put on that ring. Later on, the wedding photographer is going to immortalize those paws for eternity (and Instagram). So, on your hands' big day, how are you going to make sure they're on point?

The answer to this question isn't as easy to unravel as you might think. A pink manicure may be classic AF, but is it really YOU? White nails look lit in expensive Knot.com photo shoots, but will they slay in real life or fall short? How should you do your nails if the usual femme looks just feel wrong?

Whatever kind of nail drama you're going through, know this: our quiz can help. We're going to ask you about your personal vibe, wedding theme, dress and more. After running your answers through our quiz supercomputer, we'll be able to tell you what kind of manicure will make you feel dope AF (as well as which ones will NOT.) If you're dying to know which hue is truly you, stop watching "Say Yes to the Dress" and play this quiz!

First things first: how old of a bride will you be?

Is your personal style femme, classic, gender-neutral or edgy?

Are you excited to be planning a wedding or is it your worst nightmare?

What color shirts and jackets do you buy the most often?

Do you want your older relatives to like your manicure, or do you not care?

How bougie are you?

Who's your bridal style icon?

Do you have much swag?

Are you a traditional bride?

Do you like being the center of attention?

What does your wedding dress look like???????

How will you be doing your hair?

What's your favorite wedding-related TV show?

In your everyday street clothes, what are you serving?

Are you worried about wedding drama?

What kind of stuff do you have on your registry?

Do you have a dog, cat, hamster or bird son?

Will you be headed to the spa for any treatments before the big day?

How high key is your eyebrow game?

We can't believe we haven't asked this one yet. Girl, what does your ring look like???

For the big day, will you get a nail varnish, gel, shellac or acrylic manicure?

Are you scared of making fashion choices that people consider "different"?

Which person from your friend fam or family has the most influence over your wedding planning (besides your spouse)?

What are your wedding's theme colors?

Imagine that something at your wedding goes horribly wrong (this happens at most weddings, btw.) What kind of wedding disaster scares you the most?

Are there any nail colors that you consider corny?

If you could swap out the person you're marrying for one of these celebrities, which one would you pick?

What kind of wedding cake will you have?

Can you pull off red lipstick?

In one word, how would you sum up your personal vibe?

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