What Muscle Car Are You Based on Your Myers-Briggs Personality?

Teresa McGlothlin

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About This Quiz

With 16 different personality types, the Myers-Briggs scale knows exactly what kind of person you are. Developed in the '40s before muscle cars were invented, the famous psychological test can also tell you what muscle car you are. You might not think it's possible, but your answers will lead us down the highway to prove it's true! 

Once we relate your traits and your driving sensibilities with our questions, we'll know exactly which muscle car you are most like. Share your vehicular pet peeves, as well as the things you love in a car, and we'll see your true personality through our rearview mirror. Then, we'll compare your answers to the known personality types from the Myers-Briggs test. Each time you signal with an answer, we will get a few feet closer to the finish line!

Whether you are as tough as the Dodge Challenger or as sleek as the Chevrolet Corvette, it's good to know which muscle car your personality embodies. Cruise along with us, blast your music out of the windows and pretend you are on the open road. Once you've seen the checkered flag, we'll let you know. Will you be the car you think you are or is your personality a better match for something else? 

What do you do while stuck in a traffic jam?

Which car's animal name could be your spirit animal?

Would you rather drive a sports car or a souped-up truck?

How would your friends describe your driving skills?

Which automaker makes the most reliable cars?

How many speeding tickets have you had?

Do you wear sunglasses when you drive?

Where would you rather go on a road trip?

Which of these behaviors annoy you when you see it on the road?

Do you prefer to drive automatic or stick?

Could you handle being a NASCAR driver?

How do you behave at a long red light?

Do you do your own car maintenance?

How old were you when you learned to drive?

Which of these concept cars would you like to take for a spin?

Where do you usually shop for cars?

Which luxury feature would you want in a new vehicle?

Do you have a personalized license plate?

Where do you usually park your car?

How long is your daily commute?

How do you feel about people who have blue headlights?

Which luxury car brand is more your style?

Do you ever eat inside your car?

What do you think owning a muscle car says about someone?

What do you have hanging from your rearview mirror?

When you ride with others, are you a back seat driver?

What type of car would your coworkers say you are most like?

Do you think your current vehicle accurately reflects you?

When is the last time you went for a Sunday drive?

How often do you wash your car?

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