What Monopoly Piece are You?

By: Joshua Laurent
Image: YouTube

About This Quiz

There are a lot of ways to tell what kind of person somebody is, but perhaps no better than is to watch them play Monopoly. Style dictates personality, as does which piece they choose. What piece are you claiming as your own?

Of the following, which occupation would you most prefer?

Which board game do you like the most?

How many times have you played Monopoly, either the board game or online, in the last five years?

Which is most annoying space on a Monopoly game board?

You land on Boardwalk for $400 but you've only got $425. Do you buy it?

Which is your favorite railroad in Monopoly?

What do you think of the purple properties: Mediterranean and Baltic Avenues?

Which state, also a red property in the game, which you most like to visit?

Which Monopoly property sounds the most like a location in New Orleans?

What's the lamest space on the board?

There's a spot named Oriental Avenue. Is that racist?

What is the most unrealistic thing about the game?

What's your favorite toy company?

In what aspect do you wish Monopoly was like real life?

How old does Mr. Monopoly look to you?

If there were one more set of properties, what color should they be?

What's your favorite kind of ice cream from those listed?

What's the best kind of mass transportation?

If a fictional movie were made based on Monopoly, what genre should it be?

What's the worst thing about playing Monopoly?

What's the tastiest part of beef stew?

Which 2016 musician death bothered you most?

What job do you think you'd be secretly very good at?

How cold does it have to be for you to not wear shorts?

Rub-a-dub-dub, three men in a tub. Which are you?

When you hear the word "Monopoly" what do you think?

Should the government regulate industries to make sure there are not more monopolies?

Which is the worst kind of person to play a board game with?

You're sick with the common cold. Which symptom do you hate the most?

From where you're sitting, you have to hurl a grenade one mile in any direction. Which way do you throw it?

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