What Mischievous Animal Matches Your Dark Side?

Ian Fortey

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If there's one thing we're good at as a species it's comparing ourselves to other species. You can be hungry like a wolf or sly like a fox. You can lie like a dog and be quiet as a mouse. You might be as brave as a lion or as stubborn as a mule. There's a never-ending list of animals and the qualities we ascribe to them that can be applied to humans and the way we act from time to time. Some good and some bad. All of them are meant to make for a better visual, though, a better comparison of who we are and why we act a certain way. 

Ideally, if people are making these comparisons about us it's for good reasons. You can't go wrong with being told you're strong like a bull. But you want to avoid being told you have the manners of a pig. There is a middle ground, though. There are animals that aren't always bad and aren't always good, those mischievous creatures that are sometimes troublemakers but still clever enough to be admired. Sometimes those make for good comparisons, especially when your dark side comes to light. Want to know which mischievous beast you match up with when your dark side comes out? Take the quiz and see!

Do you feel like you're usually a happy person?

What does having a dark side mean to you, anyway?

When someone is really getting on your nerves, how do you react?

If you order some takeout and they accidentally give you extra stuff that you didn't pay for, would you inform the restaurant?

If your neighbor is making a ton of noise while you're trying to sleep, what are you doing about it?

Do you know how to swear in any other languages than your native tongue?

Have you ever closed-fist punched someone who hadn't hit you first?

Has anyone ever punched you when you hadn't hit them first?

Say you're at work and you're starving. You forgot lunch but there's something that looks super tasty in the fridge? Would you snag a coworker's lunch?

Is it OK if someone takes your lunch from the fridge?

Have you ever gone scorched earth against someone who made you angry on the internet?

Have you ever lied to your boss to get out of work?

Is it ever OK to lie to someone you love?

Have you ever turned off the TV and pretended to not be home to avoid someone at your door?

How often do you let a call go to voicemail so you can avoid talking to someone?

Have you ever told someone you didn't get a text that you did get but just didn't want to reply to?

Who knows the Dark Side better than a Sith? Pick your favorite dark wielder of the Force from "Star Wars."

Speaking of dark, horror is all the rage these days. What's the best horror movie in recent memory?

Have you ever cheated at a board game like Monopoly?

Sometimes bad things just make you feel good. Pick your favorite fast food!

Have you ever ghosted someone you planned to go out with because a better offer came along?

Have you ever lied about yourself in an online dating profile?

What do you consider to be your biggest vice?

Some cities have a darker reputation than others. Which notorious city attracts you the most?

Do you ever feel like people are talking about you behind your back?

Are you known for having an issue with your temper?

Straight up, have you ever plotted revenge against someone?

Ever wish you could lighten up a little and be more chill?

All things being equal, is your dark side legit dark or are you just not as bubbly and goofy as some other people?

So, do you ever sing in the shower?

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