What Lip Gloss Is Perfect for You?

By: Talin Vartanian
Image: Kari Elaine Photography/Moment Open/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Makeup is a wonderful way to express your inner personality. From eyeshadow and blush to bronzer and eyeliner, there are many types of makeup products to choose from. But today, we're going to narrow our focus to one of the most iconic makeup products of all time: lip gloss! 

Lip gloss comes in different shades that will highlight various aspects of your personality. For example, an orange shade may bring out your inner happiness and warmth, while a purple shade might tell other people that you're more dark and mysterious. Some tubes also come in different kinds of finishes, such as metallic and ultra-glossy. 

But let's go beyond the colors and finishes for a moment, because many lip glosses have extra features and benefits! For example, if you have thin lips, then try using some lip gloss that has plumping effects. This will give your lips the subtle illusion of being bigger and fuller. And if you like lipstick without the drying effects, you could also try a "lip stain" lip gloss. These also come in dark colors like red, brown and even blue! For more insight about what type of lip gloss you should be using, take our fun personality quiz right now! 

Which of these stylish celebrities would you like to become BFF's with?

How much time do you spend doing your makeup?

In the battle of Type A versus Type B personalities, which category would you fall under?

Would you rather be the wealthiest person in the world or the most beautiful?

It's time to pamper yourself with one of these fancy spa treatments!

Which of these makeup brands would you make a beeline for at Sephora?

If your personality was like one of these scented flowers, which one would it be?

What type of person are you the most attracted to?

Rate your cool popularity status using our 1-10 scale!

Don't you think that it's time for a new look? If so, choose one of these haircuts for yourself!

A fancy first date calls for which of these beautiful outfits?

Aside from lip gloss, what's your other go-to makeup product?

The best way to beat stress is with some comedy! Which of these funny TV shows would you like to watch?

Choose one of these celebrity makeup artists to do your makeup for a fun party!

Which of these nail art designs is perfect for any season of the year?

One of these movie theater candies speaks to your personality, but which one is it?

Being stuck on a deserted island sounds awful, but at least you have which of these social media apps to keep you busy?

Guess who gets to decide on the prom theme for this year? You do!

Pick one of these fun cartoon characters that matches your personality!

What type of adorable spirit animal is currently guiding you on your path in life?

Which of these accessories dominates your wardrobe?

Choose just one of these words to describe the best part of your personality!

Everyone has a different way of expressing their personality, but how do you do it?

It's time to embark on a trip to one of these fashionable countries!

Fashionable styles vary from person to person, but how would you describe yours?

Whether it's light or dark, we're curious about what your complexion is like!

Let's pick a new name for you that represents your unique personality!

Which of these soda flavors would you like in a new tube of lip gloss?

What type of music genre are you never going to stop listening to?

Your stylish personality is similar to which of these famous Disney princesses?

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