What % Leprechaun Are You?

By: Teresa McGlothlin
Image: RyanJLane / E+ / Getty Images

About This Quiz

When St. Patrick brought Christianity to Ireland, he might not have known that he was moving to a land inhabited by magical creatures from the Tuatha Dé Dé Danann. Long before the British Isles were settled by modern man, descendants of the Goddess Danu entered the mortal realm in the form of small fairies like the Leprechaun and the Brownie. Now a huge part of Irish folklore, Leprechauns have had a long evolution into the mischievous, gold-hoarding, green-wearing tiny people we try to trap every St. Patrick's Day. 

As we search for the pot of gold during this quiz, we are going to see how much of a leprechaun you are at heart. Unless you're sitting in a hedgerow repairing shoes next to the world's smallest laptop, we are going to assume that you are mortal. However, everyone has a little leprechaun magic somewhere inside, and we're going to figure out how much lives inside you. 

Every question you answer will help us follow the rainbow to your inner leprechaun's qualities. After you show us where you've hidden your pot of gold, we will feel comfortable telling you how much of a mythical giant you are - even if you are extra small! Are you ready to find out? 

What type of shoes do you wear most often?

How many gold coins do you have in your pocket?

Which Irish city would you want to visit?

Which type of fairy do you know most about?

Could you dance a jig?

Have you been told that you are sneaky?

Are you good with money?

What is your attitude like?

How tall are you?

Do you wear more red or more green?

What would you use to lure a leprechaun into a trap?

How do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day?

Do you have a good luck charm?

Do you know the words to "Danny Boy?"

What are you like when you've drank too much?

What do you think when you see a rainbow?

How new are the shoes you're wearing now?

Which traditional Irish food is your favorite?

What's your favorite thing about Lucky Charms?

Are you afraid of snakes?

Do you prefer green beer or Guinness?

Have you ever seen a leprechaun?

Do you like brown bread?

Are you good at making things?

How would you look in a top hat?

Are you a people person?

Which green thing do you like most?

Which holiday is your favorite?

Are you a boy or a girl?

Do you believe in luck?

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