What Kind of Wine are you? Quiz

By: Ana Todorovic
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

You love wine? We do too! Now that we have something in common, find out which kind of wine suits your personality by taking this quiz!

Would you consider yourself...

Roughly how many dinner parties have you been to this year?

Which of the following cheeses do you like the most?

Which of the following proteins do you like to eat?

Which of the following descriptive words do you look for when buying wine?

Do you like barrel aged drinks?

How often do you drink wine?

For which occasions do you usually purchase wine?

What is your favorite style of restaurant?

Which of the following places would you love to take a vacation?

Which of the following grape colors do you prefer to eat?

When pairing wine with​ a meal, what aspect of the meal do you usually pair it with?

When going to happy hour with your friends you usually get:

What is your go to diet cheat food?

What activity would you like to do during the weekend?

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