What kind of vacation home should you rent this Labor Day?

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Labor Day, observed on the first Monday in September, celebrates the working person in the U.S. We celebrate with family and neighborhood parties, outdoor grilling, camping and running off to a vacation home for a long weekend. So, which vacation home should you rent this Labor Day? Take this quiz and find out.

What do you usually do on Labor Day?

What is your favorite Labor Day food?

How many days do you have off work for the Labor Day break?

How far are you willing to travel for a vacation home?

Who would you rent your vacation home with?

What is your ideal vacation spot?

What is your least favorite thing about Labor Day?

Which would you prefer to do on your Labor Day weekend?

Are you afraid of heights?

Do you prefer luxury or roughing it?

How do you normally spoil yourself?

Do you prefer to stay local or travel on a long weekend?

What city in the world tops your bucket list?

Which of these hobbies do you enjoy the most?

How do you relax?

Do you prefer solitude or to be surrounded by people?

Which of these views would make you happiest?

When you step out of your vacation house, what do you want your bare feet to touch?

Would you bring your pet with you on vacation?

Why do you celebrate Labor Day?

What would you like to drive on your Labor Day break?

You lose electricity during Labor Day weekend. How do you entertain yourself in the evening?

What is your Labor Day beverage go-to drink?

Which type of book might you read over the extended weekend?

What is your opinion of sharks?

How would you fend off a bear?

Which of these are you most afraid of?

Is it possible you might not return to work after Labor Day?

How did you spend Labor Day as a kid?

How much are you willing to spend on your Labor Day vacation rental?

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