What Kind of Sword Should You Wield?

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You cannot wield just any old flea market sword! If you’re in the market to amp up your weaponry collection, you need to take a lot of things into consideration. Sword enthusiasts everywhere will tell you that you have to find a sword that has the right balance for you. Are you strong enough to sport a Viking sword, or do you prefer something faster and more along the lines of a fencing sword?

Seemingly every culture around the world has fashioned distinct types of swords. From Japan to the Middle East, real artistry and intricacy can be found in their sword making techniques. There’s a type of sword out there for every kind of personality, ranging from beautiful to simply being designed for brutality.

By examining your place in a squadron, we’ll be able to tell you the name of the sword that would be perfect for you. Will it be a long, slender sword from France, or will it be an ancient relic from the Mayan empire? This quiz might surprise you, but it will put you well on your way to become a proud owner of your very own sword! And not just any sword, the ideal sword for you! En garde!

Why do you fight?

In your squadron, what is your role?

Do you have a battle cry?

What would you do before a battle?

What’s the most important thing to have on the battlefield?

If you could have any weapon in your arsenal, which would you choose?

Where are you posted on the field?

When in a battle, what are you doing?

If you had to slash an enemy, only to harm them, where would you aim?

What kind of sword would you want to wield?

In whose army would you fight?

What kind of armor are you willing to wear into battle?

Which of these emotions do you feel when riding into battle?

Which of your senses comes most in handy when fighting?

If you were captured and tortured by the enemy, would you give up your secrets?

Which of these would be your battle spirit animal?

If you had to control an earthen element, which would it be?

If you could choose one natural disaster to destroy your enemies, which would it be?

What do you pride yourself on being?

Which of these would you want to be called?

On the battlefield, what do you believe in?

How would your enemies describe you?

What would you do if someone betrayed you?

What would you want your weapon to be made out of?

In which of these places would you thrive?

Which of these attacks sounds the most appealing to you?

What is your ultimate goal?

If you were likened to a Marvel superhero, who would it be?

Which of these things can you not live without?

Which of these traits do you express the most?

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