What Kind of Single Person Are You?

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Is being single no fun, or is it one of the most rewarding ways to live your life? The answer depends on your perspective. Some people become their best selves when they're single, taking up jogging, learning a new language and socializing every day of the week. Others retreat to the couch with a pint of Ben & Jerry's, weeping for what they lost when their last relationship ended. 

Sensitive single people often take the conclusion of their relationships as an opportunity to re-examine their choices, stepping back and asking themselves whether the lives they've built are in tune with their truest values. But for adventurous single people, being untethered to another person simply means getting to date all the people on whom they've been harboring crushes ... and there's nothing wrong with that, either!

So, what kind of single person are you? If you're curious whether you're coming across as desperate and depressed or freewheeling and fun, this is the quiz for you. We're going to ask you a series of personal questions about your singledom which will reveal whether you see being alone as a calamity or a cool opportunity. Along the way, we'll also want to learn more about your personality type, taste in partners and dating pet peeves. Ready to get real? It's time to play this quiz!

So, first of all, how do you feel about being single?

Which dating apps are you on?

Would you rather date someone 15 years older than you or 15 years younger?

What's your #1 dating deal-breaker?

Imagine you're attending a speed-dating event. Which one of your fellow players would you find the most appealing?

It's Saturday night. Would you go on a date with someone boring, just to make sure you're getting out of the house, or would you rather chill out with a pizza and Netflix?

In your last relationship, who started most of the fights?

If Hollywood made a rom-com about your life, who would play you?

How often do you find other people attractive?

Do you have any people in your life who are not officially your boyfriend or girlfriend but who, um, are performing that role?

What's your best quality?

Let's say you're getting together with someone you met online. Where do you meet them?

Are you over the last person you dated?

How often do you check your phone for messages from cuties?

What's your "single person" uniform?

Are your coupled-up friends jealous of your single status?

Imagine your latest Tinder flame just stood you up for coffee. What do you do?

Which of these dates sounds the most annoying to you?

An old friend messages you from out of the blue and asks you out for drinks. What do you say?

What do you usually do for dinner?

How adventurous are your dating tastes? Do you have a type?

Describe your house. Is it your haven or the place you go to crash?

How long does it take you to trust a new partner?

Which one of these options sounds like a dream date?

What's the hottest thing a potential partner could say to you?

Have you ever been dumped?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how big of a flirt are you?

What do you want your next relationship to be like?

If your single life had a theme song, what would it be?

Which of these quotes about love resonates with you the most?

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