What Kind of Shark Are You When You're Hangry?

By: Ian Fortey
Image: Ken Kiefer 2 / Cultura / Getty Images

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Sharks are considered living fossils because, from an evolutionary standpoint, these things haven't really changed much in millions of years. They haven't needed to. The design of the shark is perfect for what it needs to do - swim around and eat stuff. We should all be so lucky. Imagine living your best life in a pool with an endless supply of burritos. That's essentially how it works for a shark. And you also get to be at the top of the food chain, so it's not like a lot of other people are stealing those burritos from you. If humans leave them alone, sharks get to have a pretty enviable life in a lot of parts of the world, and that's kind of awesome.

On some level, we recognize how cool life is for a shark, and that's why we're fascinated by them. We make "Shark Week" and "Jaws" and "The Meg" because sharks represent primal hunger made brutally real. Shark teeth come from the dark depths and devour quickly. That's a shark, and it scares us sometimes, but it's just because we're not looking at it right. Sharks aren't evil. They're just hangry, hangry fish. And who can't relate to that? Ever wonder what kind of shark you became when you get that super hunger? Let's find out!

It's 2 a.m. on a Saturday, and you're a little bleary-eyed, but you feel pretty good. And pretty famished. What's the one food that will fix this for you?

Everyone has a toaster, but plain toast is literally the most boring food on Earth. What goes on yours?

Pie may be the best dessert ever created but which one satisfies your hunger the most?

A lot of people take this question super seriously and you should, too. What goes on a hot dog?

Did you know there are 167 ways to cook an egg? Actually, we made that up. But there are a lot! What's your fave?

You can't talk to some people until they've had their coffee, but ideally you need food with it. What's starting your day?

What's your go-to snack when you're out at the movies?

Humans have mastered thousands of sandwiches, but you must choose only one! Which one is going to be?

Most people have three meals a day. Which meal is the best meal?

About how long does it take for you to evolve from normal hungry into dangerously hangry?

There are a lot of fruits people think are vegetables. Which one are you eating no matter what it is?

If you and a friend are just hanging out on Friday night, what are you going to order in?

Things are about to get stressful. It's you and three friends. There's one slice of pizza left. Who gets it?

Have you ever gotten out of bed in the middle of the night for no other reason than to eat something?

If you go to a buffet, how many times are you heading back to fill your plate?

Are you willing to hit up a drive-thru and then eat what you get in the car on the way home?

If you have a big ol' pot of pasta, you need sauce! What's your favorite?

If you have carnivorous tendencies, then you may be a fan of pork. What's the best way to prepare it?

No one's judging you on this one. Have you ever eaten food right out of the pot instead of using a plate or a bowl?

What's the best thing anyone ever did with a potato?

How often do you eat take out?

A burger demands toppings. What do you need on yours?

Do you bring lunch with you when you have to be at school or work for the day?

What's the best kind of seafood out there?

What is the greatest show on the Food Network?

One of the best things about any holiday is the food. Which holiday has the best things to eat?

If you were forced to only have one kind of candy bar for the rest of your life, what would you pick?

Sometimes you just need greasy, unhealthy bar food. Which of these would you choose?

Would you ever eat a meal in front of someone who didn't have any food?

What's the fundamental difference between being hungry and being hangry?

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