What Kind of Sexy Man Do You Attract?

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There are many different types of sexy out there, and when it comes to men, every woman finds different things sexy. Gone are the days where bulging biceps and a chiseled jawline are the only markers for what is defined as sexy in the men we meet.  Welcome to the 21st century, where intelligence is sexy, chivalry is sexy, and communication is sexy. Luckily, we now live in a world where we can define what we find as sexy for ourselves. However, that doesn't necessarily mean that you can attract what you find sexy. As a matter of fact, it isn't uncommon for a woman to attract a man she doesn't find sexy at all. This is simply an unfortunate side effect of the laws of attraction, but there are ways around it. Remember that your specific personality attracts other specific personalities, and if you tweak a few things here and there, you can attract whatever kind of man for whom you're searching.

Answer these questions, and we'll tell you what kind of sexy man you attract, and (if it isn't the sexy you want to attract) how you can dodge their attention without changing your core values.

How long does it take you to get ready to go out?

If a man offers to buy you a drink, what do you order?

If a man makes eye contact with you, what do you do?

How do you turn down a man?

How many people are in your crew when you go out?

What would you do if your friends ditched you at the club?

How many nights a week do you go out?

What color lipstick do you normally wear?

Do you normally go out if you've had a rough week?

What are you most likely to wear when you go out?

When a man is flirting with your friend, what do you do?

If a man is flirting with you and you find out he has a girlfriend, what do you do?

To what song would you prefer to dance?

What do you find the most sexy?

Which of these best describes your spot (where you go out)?

How do you get home after a night of partying?

How much makeup do you wear when you go out.

What is an item of makeup without which you can't leave the house?

Would your friends define you as high maintenance?

Which of these best describes your laugh?

What is your cup size?

When you catch a guy looking at your boobs, what do you do?

How do you show a guy that you're interested in him?

How confident would you say you are?

When you're at a bar, do you eat?

When you hear your favorite song while you're out, what do you do?

Do you normally hang out with men or women when you go out?

When you are ready to go home, how do you tell your friends?

Do you often talk to bartenders for fun?

On average, how many men hit on you during a night out?

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