What Kind of Person Wants to Snuggle Up to You?

Amanda Monell

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It may have started in high school. You're in a boring class and as your eyes wander from the clock to anything other than what you're supposed to be learning, your eyes lock on what you think is the most beautiful person in the world. They could be utterly oblivious to your desires; however, in some cases, you both realize that you're meant to be (at least for now). Thankfully as we get older those awkward hurdles tend to disappear. Perhaps getting that ounce of courage or a bit of confidence does the trick. And when you get to the point in your relationship where you're comfortable, that's the best thing in the world.

It is common knowledge that the first few weeks of a new relationship can be hell. There's the awkward date phase, where you're not sure what to say. There's the first kiss, which contrary to many movies isn't magical at all: stumbling over each other's lips could best describe it. And finally, there's the snuggle factor. When you first snuggle, you and your new partner may end up tied up in each other's limbs before finding that sweet snug position.

So the question is; what type of snuggle partner is best for you? Get your blanket and curl up. It's time to find out.

Ideally, where would you want to be when you first meet your partner?

How do you approach your potential partner?

If you had to describe your first interaction, what word would you use?

If things are going well for you on a date, what do you do to let the other person know?

How long do you want a typical snugglefest to last?

When you’re not snuggled up together, what relationship do you have with your partner?

What mental attribute do you find most attractive?

What activity do you see you and your partner doing while curled up together?

When it comes to snuggling potential, a hug can speak volumes. What do you do if the hug doesn’t feel right?

You’ve just had a horrible day. How do you want your partner to respond?

Do you have problems with PDAs?

Do your friends generally like your partner?

Are you more of a big spoon or a little spoon?

Does your body tend to get overheated quickly?

Which part of the body do you like to curl up on the most?

If you’re snuggling solo (or with a pet), what are you most likely doing?

When you were a kid, did you go to bed with a stuffed animal?

Which of these activities are you most likely to be doing with your partner this weekend?

How much time do you want to pass between visits with your snuggle buddy?

Watching a television show or movie is a great way to get a snuggle fest out of your partner. Which of these TV shows would you watch while catching a snug?

If your partner proposed that you switch positions to “spice things up,” what would you do?

Which of these benefits from snuggling do you think you’d get the most out of?

If you were sweaty and ready for a shower and your partner wants to snuggle at that moment, what do you do?

When you and your partner go out to eat, do you prefer a booth or table?

When you’re at a restaurant, do you and your partner share food with one another?

If you see someone flirting with your snuggle partner, what do you do?

You and your partner just ate a really garlicky pizza. When you curl up on them, they make a comment about your breath. How do you react?

Which of these romantic methods of transportation would you ride?

Ferris Wheels are great for snuggling! Have you ever kissed someone at the top of the ride?

Which of these locations would you love to see yourself snuggling up with your partner?

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