What Kind of Mystic Are You?

By: Cammy Pedroja
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Mysticism refers to the practice of discovering and explaining human experience and the natural world through spirituality. Nearly every known culture has religious and philosophical beliefs that are wide-ranging and varied, yet most strive to address certain grand unknowns like origins stories and the afterlife. 

From ancient pagans to contemporary Buddhists, certain religious practitioners are believed to have had special skills and mystical abilities allowing them to commune with god(s) and spirits. It's through these mystical experiences that religion and philosophy are written and handed down. These people who connect with the divine and have spiritual experiences are called mystics. 

In a contemporary sense of the word, mystics can be referred to as anyone who has spiritual experiences and spends their life pursuing divine knowledge. However, in an academic and historical sense, mysticism follows a precise philosophy, and mystics tend to share a particular set of traits. For instance, the famous 20th-century philosopher Evelyn Underhill wrote about the things mystics have in common, and the spiritual path they follow, including things like having a marked initial awakening, then hearing voices and having visions, and experiencing a darkness of the soul before truly communing with divinity. So, since pretty much every religion and culture on Earth has its own version of mystics with spiritual power, is it so far-fetched to believe you could be one of them? Answer these questions to find out what type of mystic you could be!

Where would you like to visit on a spiritual journey?

What is your earliest memory?

What atypical pet do you want?

Making magic is thirsty work, so what will you have to drink?

Which of these "bad habits" sounds like you?

What weird thing do you have in your bag right now?

What's most like your bedtime ritual?

Do you feel the need to spend lots of time all alone?

What's your go-to weeknight dinner?

What will happen to you when you die?

What object do you use in prayer?

What mental health issue would outsiders say you struggle with?

Which of these beliefs do you most agree with?

Would you ever dabble in magic spells?

Are you a camping, hiking nature freak?

What's the furthest you would travel from home?

What would you like to happen to your physical body when you die?

Who historical figure do you identify with most?

What was your first spiritual experience?

What color does your soul radiate?

Which of these works of art are you most drawn to?

Which of these mystic's retreats is your dream home?

What's was your favorite kids book as a young mystic?

Which piece of jewelry do you always have on?

Which element do you most connect with?

What's your best talent?

What do you most regret?

If you had to give up one important body part which would it be?

Which of these vacation activities would help you reach nirvana?

Which one word do you want tattooed on your body?

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