What Kind of Hugger Are You?

By: Emily Maggrett
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About This Quiz

Good hugs, weird hugs, creepy hugs or overly polite hugs ... which kind do you deliver? You might think your hugging style is friendly but professional, but it's possible that the people you hug feel like your heart isn't really in it. Or you might think that your hugs are kind and gentle, while those you clinch dislike how you press your body too closely against theirs and allow the embrace to go on for waaaay too long. 

In this quiz, we're going to discover exactly what kind of hugger you are, by asking some questions about your physical boundaries, typical hugging style, how you feel after you hug others and more. We'll also inquire about how comfortable you are with physical intimacy, public displays of affection and sharing your emotions. 

The stereotype is that extroverts tend to give big, bold bear-hugs, while introverts opt for a more subtle touch, but is this true in your case? Or are you a shy librarian who offers the sweetest hugs in town, or a bold pastor who impersonally side-hugs even the closest members of his flock? If you want to know once and for all which type of hugger you are, it's time to play this quiz!

On a scale of 1 to 10, how chill are you?

How long do you usually know people before you hug them?

In your opinion, what's better than hugging?

How many seconds should a good hug last?

When other people hug you, do you blush?

Do you think that it's appropriate to hug your coworkers?

How do you like to be hugged?

Where do you put your arms when you're hugging someone?

Are you comfortable with public displays of affection?

How big is your "body bubble"?

Did you grow up in a family where people hugged a lot?

It's your birthday and your coworkers have chipped in to buy a cake for you. They're singing "Happy Birthday." How do you feel?

Do you feel nervous when other people touch you casually?

A toddler you don't know very well asks you for a hug. What do you say?

How tightly do you squeeze people when you hug them?

Which TV grandma do you crave a clinch from?

Have you ever cried in public?

Are you good at reading social cues?

Do you avoid hugging others out of fear of offending them?

At gatherings, are you clingy, aloof or the life of the party?

Do you think group hugs are dumb or awesome?

If you were offered three months paid vacation alone in an island mansion, what would you say?

How does hugging usually make you feel?

When someone gives you a compliment, how do you react?

Are you physically affectionate with anyone other than your partner? Do you high-five others, clap them on the back or kiss them on the cheek?

In high school, were you on the wrestling team?

What's your love language?

Which Hollywood hunk would you most like to be hugged by?

You've had a terrible day. How will you comfort yourself?

Do YOU think you're a good hugger?

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