What Kind of Demon Are You?

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Conceptually, it could be argued that demons have been around longer than gods. While most modern religions' conceptions of the supreme deity are only a few thousand years old, these same religions' ideas about demons are owed to much older religions. Some of those older religions worshiped these entities, some simply believed in their existence. Indeed, even assuming that the Abrahamic religions began in 1800 BC, Zoroastrianism, from which the Abrahamic religions draw many of their boogeymen, is older still. In fact, many of the ideas in the Abrahamic faiths about what demons are happen to come from the religions that surrounded these modern faiths; polytheistic religions that often practiced ritual scarification and human sacrifice. Thus, western demons, as we think of them, were born.

In other cultures, demons qua demons have a different meaning altogether. In Buddhism, demons, if one can use the word at all, were spirits or deities worshiped prior to the arrival of Buddhist priests, who, as part of the pitch to convert the locals, either incorporated the local demons by taming them and making them protectors of the faith, or by simply turning a blind eye to their worship. Typically, these demons can be overcome through meditation and detachment, or by making offerings to them. Demons of this sort are seen more as obstacles than as malevolent supermen.

The list goes on and on, the world over. What kind of demon are you? Take this quiz and find out, if you dare!

What is your pet peeve?

How would you describe your appearance, in general terms?

Okay, so you're a demon, but how "bad" are you really?

Who is forbidden to worship you?

If, through sheer accident of fate, you were on the same side as a "good guy", who might that be?

Do any entities serve you?

In what environment do you prefer to dwell?

What is your greatest power?

What, if anything, do you eat?

How are you viewed by academic scholars of demonology?

If you have a job, what is it?

Who believes in you today?

What is your most underrated power?

Has a mortal ever forced you to obey them, and if so, what sort of mortal?

How satisfied are you with your place in the pantheon?

What sort of human would if not worship you, at least seek your favor?

Where in the world would one need to travel to find you?

Is there anything you get blamed for that really has nothing to do with you?

How widely recognized are you within your home culture?

What are the odds you might become a good spirit one day?

What would it take for you to accept changes to your role in the infernal order?

What is the worst suffering you might inflict on some hapless mortal?

Who do you focus your most exquisite demonic exertions upon?

How would you describe the master you serve, off the record of course?

With what do you busy yourself, when not pestering mankind?

What would a casual encounter with you be like?

How recognized are you outside of your home culture?

How has the public's impression of you changed with time?

How many of your hoary powers do you retain today?

If you could choose anywhere in the world to start over again with your unique "skill set", where would you want to start over, and how?

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