What Kind of Dark Magic Do You Possess?

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Everyone wants to be the "good guy" in their own story. No matter what you do, you can't truly think it's evil or else you wouldn't do it. Even if everyone else thinks it's bad, you'll be able to justify why it's a good thing. Why, your darkness isn't so dark after all. Maybe your darkness is the kind of thing that's needed to contrast the light. Or maybe it's just the fastest, easiest way to get things done. So, sure, you're probably not a bad person, but like just about everyone else in the world, you must have a bit of a dark side. And maybe that dark side gives you a bit of dark magic to work with as well. Hey, we can all use an edge now and then, right?

However you come by your darkness and whatever reason you want to use it is a deeply personal thing that we don't need to get into here. But, just for fun, why don't we see if we can figure out exactly what kind of dark magic it is that you possess? Surely there's nothing to be scared of in the dark, right? Take the quiz and see!

Arguably the darkest form of magic is summoning a demon. Would you ever try that?

The world of Harry Potter is loaded with dark magic. Who do you think is the most nefarious wielder of the Dark Arts?

Is dark magic always evil?

Have you ever had a Tarot card reading?

Modern magicians obviously have no powers, but they're still entertaining. Who's your favorite?

Which literary wizard outside of the Potterverse is your favorite?

Have you ever used a Ouija board?

When you were a kid were you afraid of the dark?

Have you ever tried to really, for real cast a spell before?

What's too dark when it comes to dark magic?

What's your favorite creepy movie about people dabbling with dark forces?

How often do you have nightmares?

Any good witch or warlock needs a familiar. What animal do you feel connected to?

What's the best reason to use dark magic?

Science would seem like magic to people from the past. What aspect of science is most interesting to you?

What's the most powerful time to cast a spell?

Magic is very much associated with the past. What age do you think was most magical?

What's your preferred term for a user of magic anyway?

Some animals have a bad reputation thanks to dark magic. Which sinister creature do you feel is not as bad as all that?

How much of your wardrobe is black?

Do you make a big deal out of Halloween every year?

The fantasy genre is chock full of magic. What's your favorite fantasy series?

What kind of crystal do you believe holds the most power?

So, what kind of magic would you be most interested in at Hogwarts?

Music and magic go together like bacon and eggs. What's the best magic-themed song?

All things being equal, would you like to try flying around on a broomstick?

Darkness is a key component of horror movie monsters. What's your favorite monster?

Have you ever had an experience that made you believe ghosts were real?

Are most people good?

Where would you get your dark powers from anyway?

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